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Showing 49 - 72 of 113 products
KS Traditional Secateurs Twin Pack | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Hand Fork Stainless SteelHand Fork Stainless Steel
Hand Trowel Stainless SteelHand Trowel Stainless Steel
Hand Potting Scoop Stainless SteelHand Potting Scoop Stainless Steel
Hand Trowel Transplanting Stainless SteelHand Trowel Transplanting Stainless Steel
Hand Trowel Stainless Steel
Digging Spade Garden Life Stainless Steel
Secateurs Bypass Garden LifeSecateurs Bypass Garden Life
Hand Widger Stainless SteelHand Widger Stainless Steel
Bulb Planter Long Handle Stainless SteelBulb Planter Long Handle Stainless Steel
Dutch Hoe Long Handled Garden Life
Shears Hedge Garden LifeShears Hedge Garden Life
Loppers Bypass & Secateurs Ratchet Set
Multi-Change Aluminium Handle 142cm
Multi-Change Small Handle 35cm
Hand Trowel Wide with Fixed HandleHand Trowel Wide with Fixed Handle
Multi-Change Cord TidyMulti-Change Cord Tidy
Wolf Multi-Change Cord Tidy
Sale price£32.99
Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper AdjustableMulti-Change Anvil Tree Lopper Adjustable
Hand Double Hoe with Fixed HandleHand Double Hoe with Fixed Handle
Hand Grubber with Fixed HandleHand Grubber with Fixed Handle
Shears Grass Comfort Single HandShears Grass Comfort Single Hand
Scraper with Fixed Handle
Multi-Change Garden ScraperMulti-Change Garden Scraper
Multi-Change Cultivator 11cmMulti-Change Cultivator 11cm

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