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Showing 1 - 24 of 40 products
Hand Double Hoe with Fixed HandleHand Double Hoe with Fixed Handle
Hand Grubber with Fixed HandleHand Grubber with Fixed Handle
Hand Trowel Wide with Fixed HandleHand Trowel Wide with Fixed Handle
Multi-Change Aluminium D Grip Handle 85cm
Multi-Change Aluminium Handle 118cm
Multi-Change Aluminium Handle 142cm
Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper AdjustableMulti-Change Anvil Tree Lopper Adjustable
Multi-Change Cord TidyMulti-Change Cord Tidy
Wolf Multi-Change Cord Tidy
Sale price£32.99
Multi-Change Cultivator 11cmMulti-Change Cultivator 11cm
Multi-Change Cultivator Mini 7cmMulti-Change Cultivator Mini 7cm
Multi-Change Dustpan with Small Handle
Multi-Change Fan RakeMulti-Change Fan Rake
Wolf Multi-Change Fan Rake
Sale price£11.99
Multi-Change Garden Broom 40cmMulti-Change Garden Broom 40cm
Multi-Change Garden ScraperMulti-Change Garden Scraper
Multi-Change Grubber 9cm
Wolf Multi-Change Grubber 9cm
Sale price£19.99
Multi-Change Hand TrowelMulti-Change Hand Trowel
Wolf Multi-Change Hand Trowel
Sale price£19.99
Multi-Change House Brush Head 40cmMulti-Change House Brush Head 40cm
Multi-Change Lawn Edge Iron 22.5cm
Multi-Change Lawn Edge Trimmer
Multi-Change Lawn Rake 50cm
Multi-Change Leaf Rake 42cmMulti-Change Leaf Rake 42cm
Multi-Change Patio Broom 35cmMulti-Change Patio Broom 35cm
Multi-Change Push-Pull Weeder 15cm
Multi-Change Rake 8cm
Wolf Multi-Change Rake 8cm
Sale price£14.99

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