Wild Animal Houses

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Bat Roosting BoxBat Roosting Box
Tom Chambers Bat Roosting Box
Sale price£19.99
Bee and Bug Hut
Tom Chambers Bee and Bug Hut
Sale price£19.99
Bee and Bug Mansion
Bee Hanger Rustic
Bee Honeycomb Nest House
Tom Chambers Bee Log
Tom Chambers Bee Log
Sale price£8.99
Busy Bee House
Tom Chambers Busy Bee House
Sale price£13.99
Butterfly Tower 28cm
Happy Bee Box
Tom Chambers Happy Bee Box
Sale price£19.99
Hedgehog House Rustic
Tom Chambers Ladybird and Insect House | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Ladybird and Insect Lodge
Ladybird and Insect Tower
Ladybird TowerLadybird Tower
Tom Chambers Ladybird Tower
Sale price£12.99
Mouse HouseMouse House
Tom Chambers Mouse House
Sale price£14.99
Roosting Pouch for Birds | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Gardman Roosting Pouch
Sale price£4.99

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