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Bamboo Canes 0.9m (3ft) - 10 Pack
Bamboo Canes 2.4m (8ft) - 10 Pack
Barrel Straining Bolts - 2 Pack
Cane Caps (10pk)
Gro-Stake 2.1m x 16mm
Gro-Stake 2.4m x 16mm
Ground Hooks - 6 Pack
Hook N Loop Tie 2.5m - 2 Pack
Hook N Loop Ties 6" (15cm) - 10 Pack
Obelisk Priory Black 1.7m
Obelisk Priory Sage 1.4m
Obelisk Wooden Sage 1.9m
Orchid Flower Support 50cm CLEAR
Plant Clips Bio-Based White - 2 Sizes (25pk)
Plant Clips Green - 2 Sizes (50pk)
Plant Clips Small with Spring (5pk)
Plant Rings Galvanised (25pk)
Plant Rings Plastic Coated (25pk)
Plant Stix 45cm (25pk)