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Showing 1 - 24 of 99 products
20 Coir Growing Pellets20 Coir Growing Pellets
25 x 15cm (6") White Plant Labels25 x 15cm (6") White Plant Labels
Barrel Straining Bolts - 2 PackBarrel Straining Bolts - 2 Pack
Bracket Stratford Small 25cmBracket Stratford Small 25cm
Cable Ties 4" (10cm) (100pk)Cable Ties 4" (10cm) (100pk)
Cane Caps (10pk)Cane Caps (10pk)
Garland Cane Caps (10pk)
Sale price£2.99
Double Tool Hooks (5pk)Double Tool Hooks (5pk)
Fibre Pots Round 6cm (24pk)Fibre Pots Round 6cm (24pk)
Fibre Pots Round 8cm (12)Fibre Pots Round 8cm (12)
Fleece & Fabric Pegs (8pk)Fleece & Fabric Pegs (8pk)
Garden Pegs (10)Garden Pegs (10)
Garland Garden Pegs (10)
Sale price£4.75
Garden Staples 15mm (100g)Garden Staples 15mm (100g)
Greenhouse Corner Fixing Clip (16)Greenhouse Corner Fixing Clip (16)
Greenhouse Extender Fixing Clip (25)Greenhouse Extender Fixing Clip (25)
Greenhouse W Clips (25)Greenhouse W Clips (25)
Hook N Loop Tie 2.5m - 2 PackHook N Loop Tie 2.5m - 2 Pack
Hook N Loop Ties 6" (15cm) - 10 PackHook N Loop Ties 6" (15cm) - 10 Pack
Hose Clips Super Seal 12-19mm (2pk)Hose Clips Super Seal 12-19mm (2pk)
Hose Clips Super Seal 19-25mm (2pk)Hose Clips Super Seal 19-25mm (2pk)
Little Drippas Adjustable (4pk)Little Drippas Adjustable (4pk)
Nails Felt (100g)Nails Felt (100g)
Garland Nails Felt (100g)
Sale price£2.75
Nails Galvanised 1 1/4" (30mm) - 100gNails Galvanised 1 1/4" (30mm) - 100g
Nails Galvanised 2 1/2" (65mm) - 100gNails Galvanised 2 1/2" (65mm) - 100g
Nails Galvanised 2" (50mm) - 100gNails Galvanised 2" (50mm) - 100g

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