Plant Propagation

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Showing 1 - 24 of 44 products
Seed & Plant Dibbers (4pk)Seed & Plant Dibbers (4pk)
Vermiculite 10L
Westland Vermiculite 10L
Sale price£9.99
Plant Halos (3pk)Plant Halos (3pk)
Garland Plant Halos (3pk)
Sale price£9.99
Perlite 10L
Westland Perlite 10L
Sale price£9.99
Potting Table Economy
Rooting Gel Organic 150ml
Seed Sower ProfessionalSeed Sower Professional
Microgreens Kitchen Seed Sprouter
pH Soil Test (2 Tests)
Gro-Sure Visiroot Twin Propagator Set | Cornwall Garden Shop | UKGro-Sure Visiroot Twin Propagator Set | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Medo 200g
Vitax Medo 200g
Sale price£7.99
Widger & Dibber SetWidger & Dibber Set
Garland Widger & Dibber Set
Sale price£2.99
Propagator Electric Thermostatic Control 52cmPropagator Electric Thermostatic Control 52cm
Propagator Non Electric 38cm
Propagator Cover Budget 37.5cm
Anti-Insect Mesh 1mm 2 x 4mAnti-Insect Mesh 1mm 2 x 4m
GroZone Shademesh Tunnel 3mGroZone Shademesh Tunnel 3m
GroZone Polythene TunnelGroZone Polythene Tunnel
Gro-Sure Fibre Pots Round 8cm 12pk | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Plantpak Seed Tray (No Holes) | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Essentials Gravel Tray 38cm
Gro-Sure Visiroot 9 Cell 8pk | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Copper Mixture 175g
Vitax Copper Mixture 175g
Sale price£4.99

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