Digging Spade Garden Life Stainless Steel

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Use the Kent & Stowe Garden Life Digging Spade for digging, soil turning or improving drainage.

Ideal for the gardeners who might struggle with heavier tools, because it is 40% lighter than the original Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Digging Spade.

This lightweight digging spade is perfect for use in beds, borders or tighter spaces around the garden.

To make digging easier, the high quality stainless steel head comes with a larger tread edge and is finished with an ash wood handle, which is split to form a traditional YD.

As you might expect, this strong garden tool comes with an impressive 15 year manufacturer guarantee.

  • Compact & 40% lighter than the original Kent & Stowe Digging Spade
  • High quality stainless steel head
  • Wooden handle made from ash wood
  • Traditional YD handle
  • Larger tread edge for added digging comfort
  • 15 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Length: 915mm
  • Head size: 198 x 140mm
  • Blade thickness: 2mm

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