Bulb Planter Long Handle Stainless Steel

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The Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Long Bulb Planter will help you to cut holes deep enough to plant bulbs with ease.

A great solution for bulb planting, especially if you have lots of bulbs to plant in flowerbeds or vegetable plots.

This high quality stainless steel Bulb Planter will help you to enjoy planting bulbs, because it is made from beautiful ash wood and is T shaped for comfort.

The serrated circular sharp edge cuts into the ground with ease and cuts large planting holes up to 6cm³, whilst the side gauge allows you to judge depth of up to 10cm (4″). Indicator markers are set for 5cm and 10cm, as well as 1″ to 4″.

Easy to use, this sturdy bulb planter moves easily through soil. Simply apply pressure with your foot and you won’t need to bend. Plant your bulb in the hole and then replace the soil back over the bulb and you are ready to plant another. Using this tool will minimise soil adhesion and keep planting areas tidy.

A really useful tool for planting bulbs in gardens or allotments. This tool is strong and built to last, so you can enjoy using it again and again.

  • Strong Bulb Planter with long handle
  • Helps with quick & easy bulb planting
  • Side measure gauge indicators: 5cm & 10cm  and 1″ to 4″
  • Creates hole size: 6cm³
  • Ideal for uniform or random planting patterns
  • Stainless steel body: resistant to rust & minimal soil adhesion
  • Ashwood handle
  • Sharp serrated blade cuts into soil with ease
  • Easy to use with T shaped handle for comfort
  • 15 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Measurements are approximate for bulb planters

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