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Kent & Stowe Garden Life Bypass Secateurs cut delicate stems up to a diameter of 10mm.

Ideal for deadheading, cutting shoots down to the nearest bud, pruning and taking cuttings. We can recommend these secateurs for roses, shrubs and pruning green live wood.

Perfectly sized and 40% lighter than the Kent & Stowe original Bypass Secateurs. Being lightweight makes them the ideal choice for gardeners who prefer compact tools.

Both practical and easy to use, the bypass action on these pruners will help to reduce bruising and stem damage.

Made from drop forged carbon steel and with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee, you’ll be able to use these Bypass Secateurs year after year.

  • For delicate stems on roses, shrubs & green live wood
  • Use to deadhead, take cuttings, prune or cut shoots down to the nearest bud
  • Cutting diameter: 10mm
  • Bypass action less likely to cause bruising/stem damage
  • 40% lighter than Kent & Stowe originals
  • Practical & easy to use
  • Made from drop forged carbon steel
  • 5 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Not suitable for dead wood – this will blunt the blades

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