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Showing 1 - 24 of 111 products
Loppers Bypass Garden LifeLoppers Bypass Garden Life
Multi-Change Weed Extractor
Hand Weeding Knife Stainless Steel
Scissors & Shears Set
Wolf Scissors & Shears Set
Sale price£44.99
Multi-Change Weeding Brush (2pk)
Multi-Change Cultivator Mini 7cmMulti-Change Cultivator Mini 7cm
Multi-Change Weeding Brush
Wolf Multi-Change Weeding Brush
Sale price£15.99
Saw Turbo Folding 14.5"
Multi-Change Push-Pull Weeder 15cm
Hand Weed Grubber Carbon Steel
Multi-Change Hand TrowelMulti-Change Hand Trowel
Wolf Multi-Change Hand Trowel
Sale price£19.99
Pruning Snips Garden Life | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Hand Patio Knife Stainless Steel
Hand Trowel Garden Life Stainless SteelHand Trowel Garden Life Stainless Steel
Scissors for Home & Garden 20cm
Multi-Change Grubber 9cm
Wolf Multi-Change Grubber 9cm
Sale price£19.99
Multi-Change Telescopic Handle 170-300cmMulti-Change Telescopic Handle 170-300cm
Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Lawn Rake
Litter Picker
Gardman Litter Picker
Sale price£9.99
Multi-Change Aluminium Handle 118cm
Pruner & Micro Snip Set ErgonomicPruner & Micro Snip Set Ergonomic
Pruner Bypass Long Reach 1.5mPruner Bypass Long Reach 1.5m
Pruning Snips Professional
Pruning Shears Ratchet Handle

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