Snips Flower Cut-n-Hold

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This Darlac Cut-n-Hold Flower Snips is a set of blades that are used for cutting and gathering flowers or for deadheading faded flowers in both indoor displays and outdoor potted plants.

The fine-pointed blades will ensure a clean cut is achieved on the finest of stems, including self-adjusting grippers to accommodate varying stem sizes. These snips also feature a stem crusher, meaning that bashing the stems that is sometimes recommended is not needed, as this can damage the stems.

There is a handy safety catch attached to these snips for safe storage. This simply hooks onto the outside of the opposite handle seamlessly. The handle has also been made using a soft and comfortable grip so ensure the users comfort.

  • Great for cutting flower stems
  • Fine-pointed blades
  • Includes stem crusher
  • Self-adjusting grippers for various stem sizes
  • Safety catch
  • Comfortable grip
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

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