Water Butt Linking Kit

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Easily link 2 water butts together for greater water storage capacity.

BEWARE Do not use an electric drill if the Butt contains water.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Before drilling make sure both butts are facing each other with the taps at the front.
  2. The water butts to be connected should be on a level surface and no more than 39cm apart. The water butts can be connected at the bottom, then the two water butts will fill at the same rate. If connected at the top the first butt will fill then run over into the second.
Drill a 25mm hole approx. 25cm from the top or the bottom into opposite sides of the water butts to be connected. Join the water butts together with the supplied hose. Push the connector through the washer from the inside of each butt, then fit and tighten the nut outside to form a seal.


1 x 500mm Connector Hose
2 x 20mm Connectors
2 x Washers
2 x Nuts

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