Wilja Second Early Seed Potatoes 2kg

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High-Yielding Variety Second Early seed potatoes
Some slug and disease resistance
Good for boiling and salads

There are over 50 potato varieties in the Taylors potato range, Different potatoes have different properties; some are particularly good for boiling, some for chips, some for roasting.

Harvesting Time - Taylors seed potato packs are colour coded; blue for 'First Earlies', orange for 'Second Earlies' and green for 'Maincrop'. First and Second Earlies will give you 'new potatoes' in the summer, Maincrops will give you tubers for eating in the autumn and enough to store over winter for later use. First Earlies will typically be ready for harvesting in June/July, Second Earlies in July/August and Main Crops from August onward but if storing then can be harvested in September or October.

The plant's growth rate and size will vary depending on planting position & conditions.

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