Original Kettle E-5710 Charcoal Barbecue 57cm - Black

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This icon of barbecues contains a host of features to make outdoor cooking over charcoal a delight.

You’ll find quality comes built in, with features such as the porcelain-enamelled bowl & lid along with the deep rust-resistant ash catcher meaning that the barbecue is not only easy to use and keep clean, but also engineered to last. Something borne out by the fact that Weber see fit to offer a 10 year warranty.

At 57cm diameter, you’ll find that cooking for large numbers is a breeze and the built-in lid thermometer means that indirect cooking is easy to get right.

The Weber E-5710 BBQ is supplied with a Charcoal Briquette measuring cup, so you always get the right amount of heat.

Unlike many barbecues on the market, this Weber Grill has a heavy-gauge steel fuel grate, which will last even under regular use.

When it comes to packing away, the aluminised steel one-touch cleaning system makes life easy and the Durable all-weather wheels allow you to store your barbecue away with ease – until next the next time you want it, which probably won’t be long.

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