Tree Pesticide-free Pest Control Bands 1.75m (2pk)

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The tree band traps are a pest barrier to help protect your fruit trees in the winter months from female winter moths, caterpillars, ants and earwigs. The glue band traps provide a sticky barrier against the moths as they climb the trees in the winter to lay their eggs, (these then hatch in the spring when the caterpillars will eat upon the new growth of the tree). Pesticide free, it is suitable for organic gardening too. Simply apply the bands around the trunk of the tree in the early autumn (50-80cm above ground and below lowest branch). If the tree is staked it is important to remember to place the band around the stake too. Keep in place until the following spring. Re-apply again in May to September to protect against further pests. Box contains two 1.75 metres of glue band which will provide protection for approximately 10-12 average sized fruit trees.

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