Mealworm Suet Logs 510g

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Tom Chambers Mealworm Suet Logs are bird feed refills for a Suet Log Feeder.

A great bird feed to attract a variety of wild bird species to the garden at any time of year, including: Robins, Woodpeckers and Tits.

This 510g pack of suet logs are ideal for a Tom Chambers Suet Log Feeder and they’re easy to use. Simply, slot neatly into the Log Feeder and they will provide wild birds with high energy feed packed with nutritious dried mealworms, suet and seeds.

  • Use with a Suet Log Feeder
  • 510g pack
  • Attracts Robins, Woodpeckers & Tits
  • Packed full of protein filled Mealworms
  • Convenient log shape
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for year round use & of particular interest to wild birds in winter /spring months

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