Slug Stop Barrier Pellets 3.5kg

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Stops slugs and snails damaging your plants Inhibits feeding habit Pet and child friendly All-weather and long-lasting Suitable for organic gardening Growing Success Organic Slug Stop Barrier Pellets are an effective slug and snail barrier that is suitable for all plant types. The barrier can be used all around the garden in pots, tubs, baskets, containers, beds, borders and vegetable patches. It's easy to apply and there's no need for the pellets to be watered in. Whilst wearing gloves, simply place the pellets in a circle around the plant (or group of plants) from the stem outwards, creating a barrier of 10cm in diameter. Re-apply if the barrier has been disturbed. After use, the organic pellets can be mixed into the soil helping to improve the structure, nutrient levels and biological activity.

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