Slug Gone 3.5L

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3.5 litre pack of Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets for natural, organic slug control that is safe for use in areas where there are children and animals.

Unlike traditional chemical slug killers, Slug Gone is popular amongst environmentally-conscious and organic gardeners. It is 100% natural and derived from British Wool.

Slug Gone is biodegradable and contains slow release nutrients to help feed plants. The minute fibres form a mat that acts as an irritant to the slug’s foot which means it acts as a natural, physical barrier. This mat also absorbs moisture from the foot.

To deter slugs and other gastropods, simply lay the pellets around the base of plants, for best results add Slug Gone in a 10cm radius around the plant then add water to cause the fibres to bond.

So that slugs are prevented from reaching the plant ensure that no leaves and stems overhang the wool collar.

This product can also be used to protect against cabbage root fly in the same way that you might use cabbage collars.

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