Roundup Natural Weed Control Weedkiller Liquid Concentrate 140ml

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New from Roundup! Control the weeds in your garden with this super concentrate weed control that will break down naturally in the soil, while controlling a broad range of annual garden weeds in flower beds, vegetable patches as well as gravel paths and patios. Pack more weed control into the same size bottle with this super concentrate weed control from Roundup.

How to use

Although not a requirement, as good practice, we recommend wearing waterproof gloves and gardening footwear.

  1. Work out the amount of spray solution needed by using the table included.
  2. Fill the sprayer with clean water to about 50% of the needed solution.
  3. Add the measured amount of concentrate (use the measuring cap).
  4. Shake gently and add clean water to the total amount needed.
  5. Close the sprayer; put it under pressure; direct the nozzle to the target weeds and spray.
  6. When spraying large areas it is easier to mark out and measure the area before application.
  7. Spray the weeds evenly, ensuring a good coverage of the leaves.
  8. Always read the pack label and product instructions carefully before use: 

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