Rotisserie - Spirit 200 & 300

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Turn your barbecue into a backyard rotisserie. Slow-roast a crispy yet moist whole chicken or tender ribs. The Rotisserie gently rotates food above the cooking grate, producing succulent, self-basted meat directly from your backyard kitchen.

Almost everything’s better when spit-roasted over the flame to crackling goodness – pork tenderloin, whole chicken, large roasts, and even racks of ribs.

The Rotisserie includes a stainless steel shaft, two spit forks that are designed to hold both large and small items, a handle, hardware, and an electric motor that slowly rotates your food above the cooking grate. You can rest assured that you’ll have a juicy, evenly cooked meal every time, due to its built-in, rotating mechanism. The Rotisserie is designed to fit securely into the cookbox on all Weber’s Spirit 200/300 series barbecue models.

Fits: Spirit/Spirit II 200/300 series, and Spirit 500/600 series gas barbecues.

Out Of Carton Dimensions: 13.28CM H X 14.12CM W X 84.96CM D.


Forks designed to hold both large and smaller cuts of meat.

Includes stainless steel shaft, two forks, handle and hardware.


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