Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi Pouch 60g

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The mycorrhizal fungi in Rootgrow are essential to soil life, continually growing outwards from the roots of a treated plant into the soil finding new sources of nutrients and water. This huge secondary root system increases the nutrient flow to the plant over its lifetime. Rootgrow (without gel) is designed for use with pot plants, when transplanting into the soil. The handy single use sachet 60g (approx 12 tsp) which will treat up to 1 x 10 Ltr pot. Treatment: 1 tsp per litre pot (eg 2 tsp for a 2ltr. 5 tsp for a 6ltr). The rootgrow should be scattered at the bottom of the planting hole and the rootball of the plant should be placed directly onto the rootgrow providing immediate contact, backfill as normal.

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