Rocket First Early Seed Potatoes (10)

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Taylor's Bulbs Rocket Seed Potato Taster 10 Pack from the 'Grow Your Own' range are a First Early potato variety for harvest in June and July. A very high yield oval-shaped white potato with tasty white flesh, and best suited for cooking or boiling and served in skins. Waxy skin with a mild flavour and pure white flesh, benefiting by the earliness, size of the crop, ease of culture producing uniform, exhibition quality round tubers.

  • Pack Contains: 10 Tubers.
  • Plant Outdoors: March to April.
  • Variety: Classic White - First Early.
  • Yield: High - Heavy cropping.
  • Ideal Usage: Chipping - Salad - Boiling - Roasting - Mashing.
  • Flesh: White.

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