Clip-On Poppies (3 Colors)

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Introducing Our Assorted 3-Color Poppy on Clip - Vibrant Floral Decor for Every Occasion!

Brighten up your surroundings and add a touch of nature's beauty with our Assorted 3-Color Poppy on Clip. These lifelike artificial poppies bring the charm of blooming flowers to your decor without the worry of wilting petals.

Key Features:

  1. Vibrant Variety: Our set includes a variety of poppies in three different colors, providing you with a colorful assortment to suit various decor styles and occasions.

  2. Realistic Appearance: Crafted with attention to detail, these artificial poppies closely mimic the look and texture of real flowers. They add a touch of nature's elegance to any setting.

  3. Versatile Clips: Each poppy is attached to a convenient clip, allowing you to effortlessly secure them to a wide range of surfaces such as wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, table settings, or even use them to accessorize your clothing or hair.

  4. Year-Round Decor: These artificial poppies are perfect for year-round use. Whether you're decorating for weddings, parties, holidays, or simply adding a burst of color to your everyday decor, they're a versatile choice.

  5. Low Maintenance: Unlike real flowers, these artificial poppies require no watering or upkeep. They stay vibrant and beautiful, providing long-lasting charm.

  6. Endless Creativity: Use your creativity to incorporate these poppies into various DIY projects, floral arrangements, or crafts to add a touch of nature's elegance.

SIZE: H.10cm x D.27cm

Brighten your surroundings with the vibrant beauty of our Assorted 3-Color Poppy on Clip. Add a pop of color and elegance to your decor with ease.

Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your space with the natural charm of poppies in a range of delightful colors. Order your set today and let these artificial poppies transform your decor into a blooming paradise.

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