Pepper Chilli Fresno Mix F1 Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

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  • Popular 3 chili pepper mix
  • Early to flower, set and ripen
  • Chilis grow pointing upwards unlike jalapeno chili peppers
Increasingly popular for their many culinary uses, fresh and cooked, the three exciting chili peppers which make up our Chili Pepper Fresno Mix produce dark green fruit which ripen to red, orange and yellow, making these chili plants a fantastically attractive and productive choice wherever you plant them! Early to flower, set and ripen, the chilis unusually grow point up unlike other jalapenos and are generally broader, thinner walled and slightly hotter than jalapenos when fully ripe. The conical, tapering fruit which measure about 3cm across and 7cm in length, weigh on average 18g each. Chili Pepper Fresno plants are of medium height - about 75cm - with an upright habit and as such, may require cane support. Mix consists of red, orange and yellow.

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