Pablo Diablo - Award Winning Jalapeno, Lime x Coriander Hot Sauce

Size: 150g Glass Bottle
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We've scoured the world for the juiciest limes, the freshest coriander and the nicest jalapenos to bring you our award winning hot sauce!

Pablo Diablo is mild heat but maximum flavour, it's nice and tangy and takes tacos, burritos & fajitas to a higher level.

Also makes an epic dip when mixed into mayo, a great marinade for white fish and chicken and apparently an all-day condiment - check out our instagram to see the love and inspo!

I developed a few different versions of this sauce back in 2017 and got some pals to taste test it for me. This was the winner - super green in colour, mild enough to smash a load of it but spicy enough to tickle and zingy enough to get a nice fresh citrus hit.

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Vegan Friendly / No Major Allergens

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