Parsley Moss Curled 2 Organic Herb Seeds

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Petroselinum crispum. Organically grown parsley seed. Vigorous plants provide a favourite garnish to use with salads, sauces, fish and egg dishes. The dark green leaves are rich in vitamin C and iron. Approx 500 seeds. Sow indoors all year round for growing indoors in pots or March to June for planting outside. They can be sown outside March to June in a sheltered sunny spot. To move indoor raised plants outdoors, stand the plants outside to acclimatise for a couple of nights in late May, avoiding frosts, before planting in their final position. Ideal for growing in pots. Space plants approx 20cm apart. Harvest from May to November outdoors or all year round indoors. For continuous cropping sow every 2-3 weeks. Pick a few leaves from each plant at a time to allow the plants a chance to recover. Surplus leaves may be frozen. Outdoor raised plants tend to have more aromatic leaves.

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