No More Mess Mix Bird Feed 2.5kg

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***25% Extra Free - 2.5kg for the price of 2kg***

This Tom Chambers No More Mess Mix is a blend of husk free seeds and grains, boasting a no mess formulation, ideal for keeping lawns and feeding stations tidy. A high energy mix that is made for mesh seed feeders, this husk free bird feed is suitable for everyday use and a variety of garden birds. Contribute to nature by preventing endangered species going hungry with this bird feed blend. Main features Husk free No more mess Finest ingredients Seeds and Grains Composition Naked oats Maize grits Panicum millet Sunflower hearts White dari Flaked wheat Includes 2kg + 25% extra free Other information Not fit for human consumption. Keep away from babies and children. This product is packed where nuts are present. Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Balanced mix of ingredients which includes sunflower hearts, millet and naked oats.
  • Perfect mix for feeding all year round.
  • Packed full of nutrients for a variety of birds to enjoy and thanks to having no husks, it is a much cleaner feed.
  • The No Mess Mix is free from artificial additives and will attract and entice new birds into your garden.


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