Nice Nuts Bird Feed Peanuts 2.5kg

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*** 25% Extra Free - 2.5kg for the Price of 2kg***

This 2.5kg pack of Tom Chambers Nice Nuts are high quality peanuts, ready to be used in wild bird feeders.

Ideal for use with any mesh peanut bird feeder and perfect for attracting a wide variety of wild bird species to the garden.

Peanuts are rich in oil and provide a source of high energy for wild birds, making them suitable for year round everyday feeding.

  • 2.5kg of Top quality peanuts (25% Extra Free)
  • Attracts many wild bird species
  • High energy & rich in oil
  • Safe to use for wild birds & tested for aflatoxin
  • For use in specialist peanut feeders
  • Suitable for year round & everyday use

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