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Whether you want to plant a single plant or green up your entire garden, our Greenville flowerpots are the right choice. The flowerpots are available in various natural colours, and their sleek design will fit perfectly in your garden. Thanks to the integrated water reservoir, you can look after your plants without any effort. You can trust that our love for nature is reflected in how this pot was produced: it’s made from recycled plastic, produced with wind energy from our own windmill, and it’s also fully recyclable.

Taking care of your plant? Easy peasy!

All our Greenville pots have an integrated water reservoir. They store excess water so that your plant can absorb it later. This way, you prevent your plants from becoming too wet, and they’ll still have reserves when they’re thirsty again. It's especially useful if you accidentally forget to water them, or if you overwater them. Enjoy your beautiful green plants for as long as possible!

Sleek design and natural colours

The Greenville collection has a modern, elegant design and is available in natural colours. As the various sizes and colours combine so well, the Greenville is the ideal pot to mix & match. Create the perfect green atmosphere in your garden!

This one’s a keeper

These high-quality pots are made of 100% recycled plastic. They’re super strong and sturdy, frost-proof and colour-fast! All you have to do is enjoy your greenery, season after season.

Size: 16 x H 15.3 cm.

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