Greensense Aqua Care Round 30cm Light Concrete

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Do you ever wonder if your plants are getting enough water, or are you afraid of over-watering them? Our Greensense Aqua Care ensures that your plants always have enough water. Simply fill the water reservoir when the water meter indicates that it's low, and you’re ready to enjoy your favourite plants. This pot comes with a plug, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors – and the integrated wheels make it easy to move. You can trust that our love for nature is reflected in how this pot was produced: it’s made from recycled plastic, produced with wind energy from our own windmill, and it’s also fully recyclable.

Plant care made easy

All Greensense Aqua Care pots have a simple watering system with an 8-litre reservoir. The water meter tells you exactly when you need to add water, and your plant will automatically use the stored water when needed. This way, you can be sure that your plant will never be thirsty! Ideal for a hot summer or when you're going on holiday. Simply let the meter do the work, and enjoy your beautiful green plants even longer

Size: 29.5 x H 29.1 cm.

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