Ghost Town 150ml

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From Tom;


This was my first super hot sauce, I made it with fiery ghost chillies (also known as Naga Jolokia) and heaps of garlic and juicy red pepper. It packs a big punch but as always has bags of flavour with italian plum tomatoes in the base. I've made much hotter sauces since but this one still smacks ya in the mouth.

If you want buffalo wings we got a sauce for that. If you want extra hot wings, this is the sauce for you. Roast up those wings 'til crispy before tossing them in this sauce. Get the bog roll in the fridge.

We love this sauce with brunchy stuff too, lends itself to poached eggs and avo as well as crispy bacon and sourdough, ya know hipster style. Great dashed onto mac cheese or anything creamy.

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