Garlic French Edenrose (2 Bulbs)

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French Garlic Bulbs offer a strong taste and good yield.

These Edenrose French Garlic Bulbs can be planted in Spring for harvest in Autumn. Garlic can act as a natural deterrent to many garden pests as well and can be placed around the garden to protect other vegetables and plants.

  • Contains 2 Eden Rose French Garlic Bulbs (hardneck).
  • Best eaten fresh.
  • Grows best in full sun.

We recommend planting Garlic Bulbs, such as Edenrose, in March by breaking up the bulb and planting each clove 3cm deep and 10cm apart in a line. Leave at least 30cm between lines to allow growing space.

Cover the newly planted rows until they are well rooted to ward off birds who tend to pick at the cloves. Ensure the crop is watered well throughout.

To harvest, ensure the plant leaves are yellowing first and then lift the plant. Allow the Garlic Bulbs to ripen on the surface for a few days and dry out. Once dry, store in a light and dry position.

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