Sunflower Hearts Fliptop Feeder

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The Gardman Flip Top Sunflower Hearts Feeder for Wild Birds is excellent for efficiently feeding garden birds with nutritious sunflower hearts.

Ideal for attracting more wild birds to your outdoor space and can be hung from a bird feeding station or from a tree branch. Choose a location which is open and fully visible. Birds prefer to feed in open areas, where they can retreat from predators with ease.

This feeder is designed to hold up to 240g of Sunflower Hearts, which means birds will be able to access the seeds with less waste falling to the ground.

With two handy perch ports to support birds whilst feeding, this feeder also comes with a see-through seed holder. So, you’ll be able to check when it needs topping up from a glance and check if it needs a clean.

The flip top makes it easy to fill and keep feed dry and protected from the elements.


  • Attracts wild birds to the garden
  • Holds 240g of Sunflower Hearts
  • Easy to fill & clean
  • Visible clear see-through seed holder
  • Enclosed bird feeder – keeps feed fresh & dry
  • Durable plastic with 2 perch ports
  • Universal hanging hook included for bird feed dining stations or tree branches


  • Height: 20cm

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