Cucumber Carmen Seeds

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Cucumber Carmen is a unique variety with resistance to all known strains of powdery mildew, scab and leaf-spot. Cucumbers are bitter-free and produced in abundance, with around 50-100 per plant. Cucumber Carmen is ideal for organic gardeners. It is easy to train and day length sensitive.  

Sow seeds singly from late winter onwards 1cm deep in 7.5cm pots of moist compost. Germination usually takes 7-10 days at 24-27C. Transplant at the 2-3 leaf stage into 13cm pots and then into growbags, border or 23-25cm pots, spacing them 46cm apart or 2-3 per growbag. Provide a minimum temperature of 15C. Train up the main shoot to top of wire and then pinch out the growing point and allow two shoots to trail downwards. Keep moist but not wet, apply shading as required and provide a moist, warm atmosphere. Regular picking will encourage fruiting.

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