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The Gardman Black Steel Seed Feeder for Wild Birds is a robust bird feeder made from durable metal and comes with a clear polycarbonate easy view feed holder. So, you’ll be able to see quickly at a glance when seed is getting low and when it needs refilling.

Ideal for attracting more wild birds into the garden.

It’s easy to use, with a quick release top and base that can be filled with your choice of seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites.

Hang it from a tree branch, or for best results from a feeding station. Choosing a clear and visible area away from predators will encourage more wild birds to use it and reward you with return visitors.

The built-in perches will also help birds to rest whilst they feed and for extra peace of mind this feeder has been finished with a Feed Safe biocidal coating to kill bacteria on contact.

A great feeder to keep topped up all year round and especially in winter months.

  • Durable metal with clear view polycarbonate feed holder
  • Standard size feeder
  • Attract wild birds
  • Feed Safe for wild birds using Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection to prevent the spread of germs
  • Fill with seed mix, peanut bites or sunflower seed
  • Holds 250g of Seeds / 240g of Peanut Bites / 180g of Sunflower Seeds
  • Easy fill & easy cleaning
  • Hang on a tree or from a bird dining station
  • Strong & suitable for all weathers
  • Height: 19cm

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