Artichoke Italian Purple Vegetable Seeds

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An attractive Cardoon with purple flower buds which provide good ornamental value as well as a tasty crop of fresh artichokes during summer. The purple-skinned flower buds of Artichoke ‘Italian Purple’ are generously large and can be removed from the stem when ready. Enjoy the whole head steamed, the fleshy petals can be picked off and dipped into garlic butter or tangy dressings. The flavoursome artichoke hearts can be enjoyed freshly cooked or preserved for later use by pickling. Grow these impressively tall plants in rows on the allotment or take advantage of their towering, attractive habit by growing them at the back of a flower border. Height: 1.8m (6’). Spread: 75cm (30”).

1 packet (25 artichoke seeds).

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