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Buy Kaemingk Glass Hurricane Tealight Holder 11cm - 3 Colours Assorted - Cornwall Garden Shop
Tealight Holder Painted Leaf Design Glass 11cm
Tealight Holder Coloured Glass 7.5cm
Orange Slices Dried 12pk | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Candle Gold Metallic 25cm (4pk) | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Dinner Candles | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Candle Ivory 25cm (12pk)
Candle with Animal/Bark Design 10cm
Candle Holder Iron 6cm (4pk)
Tealight Holder Striped Glass 9.5cm
Tealight Holder Honeycomb Glass 7cm
Candle Wax Pillar with Gold Leaf Design 10cm
Tealight Holder Icy Finish Glass 10cm
Tealight Holder Tree Glass 12.5cm
Tealight Holder Striped Glass 10.5cm
Tealight Holder Metal Leaf Design Glass 14cm
Festive Fragranstix | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Cinnamon Frangranstix | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK
Tealight Holder with Carving 13.5cm
Silver Pillar Candle | Cornwall Garden Shop | UK