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Christmas might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean the temperatures are going to go up any time soon! As we continue into a rather chilly winter, roaring fires are increasingly commonplace. But you don’t just have to burn logs on the fire. In fact, there are a few alternatives that are quick, efficient, and eco-friendly.
Coffee Logs

These eco coffee logs are great for wood burners, stoves, and open fires. They are made from waste coffee grounds, collected from coffee shops around the UK. Each log is comprised of 25 cups of coffee and burns 20% hotter and longer than standard logs. Recycling the waste from coffee helps to reduce greenhouse gases, divert waste from landfill and heat your home more effectively.

Heat Logs

Heat logs are made from 100% recycled waste wood and are ideal for burning on open fires, log burners and multi-fuel stoves. They are considered a carbon-neutral heat source as the wood they are made from was originally destined for the landfill. Had it been sent there, it would have broken down into methane gas which is four times more harmful to the environment than CO2.

Kiln-Dried Heat Logs

Kiln dried heat logs provide a hotter, cleaner burn then fresh cut firewood. The reduced moisture content means that the logs burn at a much more efficient rate, meaning that you use less and the cost of heating your home is reduced. Easy to ignite, these logs provide a slow burn that will keep you warm for hours.

Thermaheat Smokeless Coal Briquettes

Great for burning outside or in smoke-controlled areas, Thermaheat smokeless briquettes are super easy to light and get up to warm temperatures in just 20 minutes. Perfect for use in multi-fuel stoves, chimineas and patio heaters, this is a great smokeless fuel for the winter time.

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