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Bird feeders are a great way to encourage more wildlife into your garden while also providing sustenance to the local birds. But when it comes to choosing a bird feeder, which one is right for your garden?

If you are hoping to attract different varieties of birds, then you’ll need to provide several different feeders that offer a variety of foods. A good way to do this is by installing a bird feeding station in your garden which will allow you to hang several different types of bird feeder at the same time.

If your garden is home to squirrels, you may also want to think about squirrel proofing your bird feeder, either by using a squirrel proof feeder or a squirrel baffle.

Window feeders

Window feeders are clear plastic boxes that attach to windows using suction pads. They are super easy to clean and provide a great closeup view of birds as they feed. It’s a good idea to clean these types of feeders out daily as birds stand directly in the seed.

Hopper feeders

Hopper feeders are ideal for attracting a wide variety of birds as some of them can hold several types of food. Ideally, hopper feeders should be emptied and cleaned once a month. Great for attracting goldcrests, wrens, tree creepers, coal tits, great tits and nuthatches.

Suet feeders

Suet feeders are used to hold high fat and protein balls mixed with grains and seeds. These types of feeders are best used during the winter months when birds need extra help finding food and keeping warm. Great for attracting woodpeckers, bluebirds, wrens, warblers, nuthatches and starlings.

Nyger feeders

Nyger feeders are perfect for attracting small beautiful birds such as goldfinches, siskins, greenfinches and blue tits. Ideally, they should be cleaned out once a month.

Tube feeders

Tube feeders are great for attracting smaller birds such as goldfinches and siskins as they often have small perches that perching birds are drawn to. It’s a good idea to clean these feeders out regularly to avoid unused seed collecting and rotting at the bottom.

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