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Most experienced gardeners will tell you that Autumn is natures most favourable time for planting. Trees and shrubs planted at this time of the year often have the best chance of becoming fully established and usually require minimum maintenance. They will also be given the time required to gently settle into the ground before the onset of harsh winter months. This means that by late Spring and early Summer, they will have optimum conditions to flourish.

Ground preparation is key to gardening success and a good fertiliser, such as Bone Meal, can be the perfect solution for maintaining healthy trees and shrubs. Bone Meal is a great source of Phosphorous, which is an essential nutrient to promote new growth and support strong roots. The naturally sourced feed is also slow-releasing which means it is easy for trees and shrubs to absorb.

Autumn is an excellent time to make planned changes to your garden layout and for anyone considering planting trees and shrubs, then now is the best time. Shop our range of trees and shrubs in store today.


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