Griddle/Plancha Plate For ProQ Excel 47cm

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Our Plancha is another great way to add versatility to your smoker, and can be used for many types of cooking or even just a heat baffle when smoking.

It's perfect for cooking breakfast outdoors, burgers, toasting buns and grilling anything that tends to be too delicate for grills.

The Plancha really shines when it comes to seafood and fish, if you run out of ideas, you can also use it for crepes and pancakes.

  • Our Plancha includes a T handle for easy lifting and manoeuvring, and can be hung up for storage
  • It’s easy to clean and season, just heat it up, oil it and scrape it down with a spatula
  • This thick steel plate will last for years to come, it holds heat well and spreads it evenly
  • Available for all 3 sizes of our Smokers, the ProQ Plancha is made to fit perfectly in the stacker.
  • Excel: 47cm Diameter, 8.5KG

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