Drummer White Firelighters

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Drummer Firelighters 4140 Products Retail Household Housewares Fuel / Matches Fire Lighters VAT: 5.00% | Product code: 466424 Pack sizes Shelf Height 127 Shelf Width 130 Shelf Depth 25 Preparation and usage Directions
1. Place 1 or 2 firelighters in your coal, logs, briquettes or a thin layer of cinders. For hard to light fuels use more firelighters as required. For barbecues, evenly distribute 2 to 3 firelighters amongst your charcoal or briquettes
2. Using limited draught, light the Drummer firelighters (Drummer recommends long safety matches). When firelighters are well lit carefully add more fuel taking care not to extinguish flames
3. When the fire is well lit, increase the draught. For barbecues, allow coals to ash over evenly until glowing (approximately 20 mins) before cooking

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