Cacti Feed 200g

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Ideal for all cacti and most succulents in periods of active growth A low nitrogen, high potash soluble fertiliser, suitable for cacti and most succulents. Ideal for regular use throughout the growing season from March onwards Ideal for regular use throughout the growing season Can be used from March onwards High potash feed. The majority of cacti and succulents grow in desert conditions with dry air, sunshine, low moisture and with good drainage. This makes them hardy plants which can be placed on sunny or bright windowsills. Cacti thrive in these conditions, but some succulents prefer terrain similar to their natural habitat – rainforests – so need to be kept in shaded, humid areas. During spring and summer water regularly, allowing excess water to drain away. Cacti Feed should be applied every other watering. Cacti Feed can be stored indefinitely as long as it is sealed and kept dry. Always read the feeding instructions before mixing with water.

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