Our Favourite Halloween Houseplants

Here at Goonhavern Garden Centre we illuminate the cool darkening autumn months with positive and uplifting plants. House plants have become a massive trend as we get back in touch with nature. When selecting a house plant think of it as you would accessories and go for colour, shapes and foliage patterns which help create a focal point.

You can create your own personal ambience with house plants. They help regulate humidity levels and add fresh oxygen to your surroundings. Use stools, low tables and staged shelving to create different levels. Remember to place plants at varying heights to create a focal point not a cluttered look.

Ferns and Palms detoxify the air around you. They are the easiest to look after being most tolerant to poor light.

An all-time favourite for every generation is the ‘Moth’ Orchid. It makes a great gift or centre piece in any living space producing flowers full of charm and finesse. Did you know the petals have evolved to create a landing strip to encourage insects to safely land and collect the pollen!

Halloween is almost upon us and has inspired plants with unusual foliage and scary character. At Goonhavern we have selected some of our favourites for the ‘Spooky’ season and provide an easy guide to their care.

1. Calathea ‘Tassmania’ (‘Prayer Plant’)

Touchy-feely leaves which are puckered and ribbed. It produces an amazing ornate clump of rich dark foliage which contrast the orange petals of a flame like flower which can last 2-3 months.

2. Calla Lilly ‘Black Hero’

A bouquet fit for a Corpse Bride! Producing a striking funnel shaped purple flower it almost appears black. It can be grown both indoors and out. Prefers bright, indirect sunlight and regular watering to keep the compost moist at all time.

3. Cephalocereus senilis (Old Man’s Cactus)

This cactus gets its name from the filamentous ‘hair’ surrounding the plant. But do not be fooled by its fluffy appearance. Lurking below the surface are some sharp spines!

It prefers hot, bright, dry conditions ideally south facing window placed in direct sunlight. Water sparingly and only when the top level of compost feels dry.

4. Nepenthes ‘Monkey Jars’

This is an extremely cool house plant but it has a brutal side!

Originating from the jungles of Boneo it has adapted to living in our homes and can easily survive and thrive in an average living room especially if you give it generous watering.

An unusual looking plant it sits within the Carnivorous plant group. It feeds off insects by capturing them in their jars, sealing the lid then slowly digesting them raw.

They need good sunlight and ample watering. It is important to keep their hanging jars 1/3 filled with water. Mist on a regular basis but no feeding required…. The digested insects do this for us!

Our house plant selection is guaranteed to inspire you. We will have the perfect plant to add colour, vibrancy and a breath of fresh air to your indoor jungle!

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