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Whether you are a winter person or not, one thing is for sure – most plants aren’t too fond of the colder weather that usually accompanies the season. After all, frost can be very damaging to many types of plants, affecting new growth when spring finally arrives. But all is not lost as there are plenty of steps gardeners can take to ensure that plants are protected from the effects of frost.

  • Plant the more tender bulbs in sunnier pockets of the garden to provide them with extra warmth during the winter months.

  • Remove extremely tender perennials and store bulbs safely until the spring.

  • Insulate the greenhouse with horticultural bubble wrap to protect plants and bulbs. Remember that snow is also a good insulator so if you end up with a layer of snow don’t remove it from the greenhouse unless you have to!

  • Towards the end of the season, refrain from applying nitrogen-rich fertilisers as they encourage soft growth which is particularly affected by frost.

  • Relocate container plants to a sheltered part of the garden and give them some extra warmth by wrapping the pot in bubble wrap.

  • To prevent the ground from becoming frozen, heavily mulch the root areas of evergreens, conifers, and tender perennials.

  • If frost is forecast, cover tender plants with horticultural fleece.

  • Design your garden with plants that can endure colder temperatures.

  • It might sound weird but watering your plants the night before a frost can actually prevent them from freezing the next day. This is because the wet soil releases moisture into the air which raises the temperature and keeps plants warm.

  • If there are some extremely low temperatures predicted, consider bringing some of your potted plants inside to prevent them from sustaining frost damage.

  • Loosely wrap the trunks of fruit trees and bushes with burlap or tree covers, to prevent the bark from splitting during a frost.

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