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It’s usually around this time of year that we start having to pack our barbecues away to avoid the torrential downpours, however, this year is a completely different story! With more sunshine predicted over the coming weeks, now is a great time to make the most of it and hold a barbecue.

After all, is it even summer unless you can smell sausages cooking outside? We think not! Here are our top tips for hosting the perfect summer barbecue.

1. Light up in advance

Far too many hosts don’t worry about lighting their barbecue until the guests have arrived – don’t make this mistake! Get the fire going well in advance so that the coals are white hot and ready for cooking when your guests start to appear so that they don’t have to wait around.

2. Create shade

The wonderfully warm temperatures we’re having are great but sitting in direct sunlight can make guests pretty uncomfortable. Make sure they have plenty of shade by putting up a large parasol.

3. Provide seats

Barbecues often mean that all of the dining chairs are dragged outside while some guests have to sit on the floor. Avoid this by getting some big outdoor beanbags and a picnic table or two so that everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit while they are eating.

5. Mix it up

Instead of focusing on the meat, make plenty of sides such as salads and pasta dishes in advance so that guests have a selection of food to choose from.

4. Make sure everyone is topped up!

5. Create a playlist

Nothing says party like great music, so spend some time putting together a party playlist that lasts for a few hours so that you can get on with the cooking while the music keeps your guests happy!

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