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As we say a fond farewell to the long summer days, it’s time to look towards the oncoming months of rain and frost. But, that doesn’t mean that our gardens need to be dreary, in fact, quite the opposite! There are plenty of ways that you can introduce colour to the garden during the colder months to cheer it up and provide a stark contrast to the looming grey skies. So, with a few weeks left until the colder weather really descends, we take a look at some of the ways you can make your garden pop with colour in the dark winter months.


Of course, your first step in bringing in colour is to look to the evergreens. But don’t just stick to pines and holly! Lavender is a brilliant addition, though their flowers are only seen in the summer months, the silver foliage and lavender scent are perfect for bringing in butterflies and bees while providing a beautiful backdrop for flowering plants. The Daphne shrub is another great choice as it tends to flower in late winter/early spring, bringing in pops of colour when the year is at its darkest.


While primroses, primulas and pansies are all excellent choices for colourful winter bedding, cyclamen coum are simply stunning when planted in both clumps and swathes. Their pink and magenta flowers look gorgeous against a snow-covered ground and are ideal for planting in shadier areas, such as underneath trees.


Also known as Dogwoods, these hardy plants are perfect for bringing drama to the garden all year round. In spring, they produce clusters of white flowers and blueberries while their luscious green foliage is stunning in the summer. However, it is in the cooler months when Dogwoods really start to shine. After the leaves have gone through a thousand shades of red and orange, they fall to reveal the colourful stems which bring a beautiful structure to any garden.


Another super easy to bring in colour is to use colourful planters. Hum planters are perfect for this as they use vibrant and unique designs to bring colour and fun to those darker corners of the garden. Pot up some evergreens using planters with several designs to create a beautiful display for the patio.

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