Autumn Gems: Our Top Picks for Your Garden This Season!

As we bid farewell to the warmth of summer and welcome the crisp, cool days of autumn, it's the perfect time to consider how best to prepare and beautify your garden. At Chacewater Garden Centre, we've curated a splendid range of products ideal for the British autumn. Here's our selection for all you green-fingered enthusiasts:

1. Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Plant now for a burst of colour next year!

  • Tulips:  An assortment of hues from delicate pastels to vibrant reds and yellows.
  • Daffodils:  The golden harbinger of spring.
  • Crocuses:  Delightful petite flowers that paint your garden with early splashes of colour.
  • Hyacinths:  Fragrant blooms that are a sensory treat.
  • Snowdrop: Snow-white flowers that defy winter's chill.
    View our comprehensive range of bulbs here

2. Autumn's Finest Blooms

Our top picks for plants that'll dazzle this season:

  • Chrysanthemums:  Deep reds, oranges, and yellows that echo the fall foliage.
  • Pansies:  Resilient flowers that add colour throughout autumn and winter.
  • Ornamental cabbages and kales:  A visual delight with their intricate rosettes.
  • Heathers:  Dense carpets of colour to brighten up any garden.

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3. Trees and Shrubs

Introduce some autumnal hues to your plot:

  • Japanese maple:  Offers a cascade of red and orange, adding an oriental touch.
  • Dogwood:  Its fiery red stems are a stark contrast against the bleak winter landscape.
  • Oak:  Majestic trees whose leaves turn a burnished gold.
  • Witch hazel:  Yellow blooms accompanied by a soothing fragrance.

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4. Plant & Lawn Nourishment

Keep your garden in tip-top shape:

  • Mulch:  Protects plant roots and conserves moisture. View here
  • Autumn-specific fertilisers: Tailored nutrients for this time of year.
     View here
  • Grass seed: For a robust lawn that stands up to winter's tests. View here
  • Organic soil enrichers: Microbes and nutrients to invigorate your soil. - View here

5. Harvest Essentials

The best tools for your seasonal bounty:

  • Garden Rakes: Essential for collecting leaves and garden debris.- View Range
  • Pruners and Shears:  A varied range to ensure every cut is precise and healthy for your plants. View Range
      1. Bypass Pruners: For trimming live plants and flowers.
      2. Anvil Pruners: Great for cutting dead wood.
      3. Loppers: For thicker branches and heavy-duty pruning.
      4. Hedge Shears: To maintain and shape hedges.
  • High Quality Garden Gloves : View Range


6. Guard Your Plants

Shield them from the brisk autumn nights:

  • Frost protection fleece: A barrier against sudden frosts. - View Here
  • Cold frames: Mini greenhouses to shield tender plants.
  • Greenhouses and heaters:  Protect tropical and sensitive plants from the cold.

7. Feathered Friend Care

With the chill setting in, our birds appreciate a bit of pampering:

  • Bird feeders:  A lifeline for birds as their natural food sources diminish.- View Here
  • Bird Boxes & Nests:  Shelter from the cold and safe nesting sites. View Range
  • Nutrient-rich bird food: Vital sustenance during lean months. - View Range
  • Wild Bird Baths:  Fresh water is as crucial in winter as in summer. - View Range

8. Garden Decor

Spruce up your space with some seasonal touches:

  • Autumn wreaths:  Celebrate the season right at your doorstep.
  • Decorative pumpkins and gourds:  Symbolic of harvest and abundance.

9. Indoor Gardening Delights

Embrace gardening indoors as the days grow shorter:

  • Indoor plant pots: Stylish containers to complement your indoor greens. - View Range
  • Houseplants: Fresh air, tranquillity, and greenery in the comfort of your home. - Visit us in-store
  • Indoor Plant Compost: Nutritionally-rich media for your indoor plants.- View Range

Come along to Chacewater Garden Centre to discover our full array of products and in-depth advice from our gardening experts. Let's embrace the charm of autumn together!


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