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Nothing quite says summer more than long lazy nights spent in front of a chiminea with a glass of wine and great company. Chimineas are the perfect way to extend the use of your outside space because they bring a beautifully inviting warmth as well as a focal point for your garden. But, it’s worth knowing that chimineas require a little upkeep to make sure that they stay in top condition which is why we have put together a guide to make sure you get the most out of your new chiminea.

Firstly, you need to choose the perfect spot outside for your chiminea. Ideally, the space needs to be a relatively permanent one with a flat surface as moving it around frequently could increase the chances of it being dropped. Ensure that there are no flammable materials around the area and that it is out of the wind.

The best way to light your first fire will depend on which kind of chiminea you have, but for the most part you only want to make a small fire. Chimineas aren’t supposed to have huge, roaring flames, with these a little fire goes a long, long way.

For clay chimineas, make the first 5 fires very small ones so that they season the chiminea so that you avoid it cracking. Use balled up newspaper and small pieces of kindling before graduating up to sticks and small logs.

Do not use lighter fluid to enhance flames as this can cause your chiminea to crack. Keep the wood away from the sides of the chiminea and

Both cast iron and clay chimineas need to be protected from the cold, so either store your chiminea away in the winter or keep it covered. If you do plan on using it in the winter, make sure that you warm it up slowly for an hour or so first before you light a fire in it, as the temperature change can cause it to crack. This can also happen if you extinguish a fire with water, so have a bucket of sand on hand in case you want to put it out. You should also remember to clean the ashes out from your chiminea when it has cooled down so that it is prepared for the next use.


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