Artificial Christmas Tree Sunndal Fir 150cm 5ft

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Christmas isn't Christmas without a tree to decorate with lights, baubles and ornaments. The Sunndal Fir Christmas Tree is created with ultimate quality to ensure you have a beautiful tree for years to come. Although artificial, the Sunndal Fir is specifically designed to look like it has been freshly picked and placed straight into your home for the festive season. Remember to spend time carefully positioning each branch to ensure the tree is as full as possible before you add your decorations.

Dimensions: Diameter - 90.00 x Height - 150.00cm.

Branch structure: Hinged.
Foot diameter: 40.
Quantity tips PVC: 290.
Stem diameter: 2.
Tree foot: Metal foot.
Number of sections: 2.
Number of tips: 840.
Quantity tips PE: 550.

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